We want to help you spread the word. 

Our mission is to boost public visibility and awareness for non-profit organizations, education and athletic programs, government/political parties, indoor/outdoor sports, trade shows, expos, concerts, and great businesses in Idaho communities by providing premium street-level advertising services that are effective and thorough.

Quality printing at great prices. 

You deserve a good deal.


Point-of-purchase displays and signs.

More options available to achieve better results.


Idaho's source for premium street-level advertising.

Monday - Friday 8a to 5p 

(208) 573-0760

Targeted distribution. 

Deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time.




Materials must be dropped off by 5p every Friday.

We offer free pick up within the Treasure Valley area.

Please call to schedule.

Effective artwork design. 

It's about simplicity and appeal.


"We'll get the word out."

Custom Campaign

Options Available

We specialize in results. 

Over the years, we've worked throughout the community on hundreds of graphic design, promotional print, poster, and flyer distribution projects. With our dynamic team at your service, you'll achieve the increased visibility that you're looking for.


  • Advertise to thousands of people weekly
  • Build more hype; attract more attention
  • Penetrate your local market

  • Increase the attendance at your events
  • Maximize your advertising potential
  • Generate more revenue.

We do the hard work for you. 

You're busy; that's why you came here. Now, let us go out there and build the buzz that you need to keep that momentum going. 


  • Graphic Design, Printing, and Distribution
  • 500 businesses visited weekly with a total local network of over 2,500 locations
  • Displaying posters in storefront windows
  • Exclusive placement in our premium sign frames 
  • Placing stack-drops of bulk informational material in high traffic public areas
  • Creating point-of-purchase displays on store counters
  • Hand-to-hand and door-to-door distribution of door hangers, flyers, product samples, stickers, decals, and brochures
  • Custom Campaigns available with more options. Please call.